California Rapper thatchillkid Showcases His Sound With His EP “Chill Zone”

Many fans of the sad-rap industry have been looking for new artists to sink their teeth in since the deaths of American rapper Juice Wrld, and XXXTENTACION. thatchillkid, a rapper from California, is a similar tier artist who puts emotion behind his music, allowing him to connect to a deeper level with his fans.

Just a few weeks ago, thatchillkid made a statement that he’s here to stay by releasing his debut EP, “Chill Zone”. This drop comes with three songs that each showcase a different part of thatchillkid’s artistry. An example of this is track number three called “Workout Wish”. This track is a genre bending hip hop song with heavy punk rock influence due to it having a full band. 

This versatility of using different genres is what thatchillkid’s predecessors like Juice Wrld did when he grew his fan base. If thatchillkid can continue to create relatable, and mixed genre songs, he will undoubtedly have a long career ahead. 

Follow thatchillkid’s journey on Instagram: @thatchillkid

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